TourBox console v.2.1 has released! ! !

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TourBox console v.2.1 has released! ! !

Post by Tourbox » Tue Jul 14, 2020 9:46 am

TourBox console v.2.1 has released :D ! ! !

UPGRADE Highlight:
1. The firmware has upgraded to 1.3 which has fixed the problem of device need to be re-plugged after the system sleep and other firmware bugs
2. Added the function of automatically switching the preset according to the respective software.
3. Optimise the shortcuts transmit functions
4. Added multiple built-in functions for Adobe Lightroom
5. Added the function to adjust parameters in the tools of Adobe Lightroom
6. Optimise the Photoshop relevant built-in functions
7. Added mouse scroll and buttons relevant built-in functions
8. Added the option to start automatically when switch on your computer
9. Hold the button to send command continuously
10. Fixed the problem of cannot input for Insert
11. HUD status can be memorized
12. Interface optimization and other bugs have fixed

ImageDiscover upgraded functions and download TourBox console v.2.1 via =AT0yHhbPPSq-gXdA_KZQDGaLwRHHKTIyVWgiUjzvp7_vjbDTyuS28zfcXELhsNhHtsjoLFSrcKwfouo8w0oxJ6BuHbTVmkxLCRvMC8hxX53k-6NcP25w1PLVwOdx-YT_5uO0C7gyivfZR3LUiAqDt7tzBraReogLjqWtmdVTAAz1ogWl4A5kpu6QHgP2acY]


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